Preparation is the key to success. Research the company, its products, services, size, and background.

We will supply you with all the tools prior to your interview:
Interviewers’ names
Qualifications and skills are required.
Job description
The type of person sought
How to prepare for the interview
The structure of the interview
The very fact that you are attending the interview indicates that you have the relevant skills for the job. However, every client differs and it is vital that you are prepared for the interview to take any format.
Examples of Questions Asked in Interviews
Explain your CV—especially any gaps.
What do you know about the company?
What do you understand about the job?
What skills do you have that are relevant?
Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses.
Describe a time when you’ve had to use your initiative?
Why are you looking to leave your current job?
Why are you unemployed?
What has been your biggest learning experience over the past six months?
Where do you see yourself in 5–10 years’ time?
What do you do in your spare time?
What other job interviews have you been to?
What Questions to Ask?
Who will I be working with?
What are the working hours?
What are the company’s plans for the next 6 months?
Are there any promotion prospects down the line?
Which departments will I liaise with?
What’s the reason for the vacancy?
What training opportunities are there?
Is the company affected by seasonal trends?
What is the next stage?
How many candidates are being interviewed?
When will you be making a decision?

Can I have the job!
Other Important Things to Consider:
Journey Time—don’t be late!
If you are running late, call ahead.

Bus and train timetables
First impressions: Wear a suit, carry a briefcase, and be well-groomed.
Research websites and competitors
Prepare for a different or multiple interviewers.
Take a CV, references, relevant certificates, and some questions.
Safety – meet at the company’s premises or in a public place.
Tell someone where you are.
Keep eye contact.
smile at appropriate times.
Don’t smoke before the interview.
A good firm handshake
Body language: don’t slouch, sit upright but be relaxed.
Don’t fiddle or fidget.

Don’t ask about salary or try to negotiate – that’s what we’re here for!

What to Do Next:
Call your consultant immediately after the interview  and give them your feedback—we may even have a decision for you!

If you aren’t successful, we will be on hand to give you advice and discuss other opportunities.
Best wishes! ””””””