• The most important two pages of your life! First impressions are crucial, so make sure your CV is accurate, grammatically correct, free of spelling errors, and makes an impression.
Again, preparation is the key—jot down the following:
Dates of employment—don’t leave any gaps. Keep track of what you were doing, such as traveling, being unemployed, raising children, and so on.
Job Titles
Duties and responsibilities
Personal profile
Hobbies and interests
The appearance of the CV is almost as important as its content. Try not to exceed 2 pages; stick to relevant information and keep it precise.
Personal Information :
Name—you could use this for your title.
Postcode included in address
Home, workplace, and mobile
email address
Year of Birth
Personal Profile:
Sell yourself in a few sentences.
Be truthful.
Talk about your strengths.
Use phrases such as communication, interpersonal, generating, implementing, and so on.
Include some accomplishments.

Education :
Start with the most recent first.
Name the college, university, schools and location.
List your qualifications.
Other courses/qualifications should be listed.
Keep it concise and neatly presented.

(Career History)
List all jobs, beginning with the most recent.
Dates started and finished.
company name
Job Title
Responsibility list in bullet points
Reason for departure

Interests and Hobbies:
Keep it brief.
Remember, you are trying to create a good impression.
Additional information

Computer Packages



Typing speed

References :
Note that references can be provided on request.
Not normally required unless specified.

Other Things to Consider:
Take your time.
Read it thoroughly.
Check that there are no spelling mistakes.
Do not put anything negative.
Check if it makes sense grammatically.
It should not be handwritten; it should look professional.
Do not send photocopies—send the original.

Covering Letters:
Keep it concise.
Type the letter in the same format as your CV.
Ensure both names and company names are spelt correctly.
State which role you are applying for and where you saw it advertised.
Don’t forget the reference numbers.
Write confidently and positively.

Sell yourself and show what research you have done
Explain why you want the job and what skills and attributes you have

Check for errors